We accept applications for status of residence on your behalf


Preparation of residence status application documents→Immigration submission→Please leave it to us until you receive your residence card.


Application for issuance of status of residence certification working system)                   100,000yen  

     Management + 50,000yen     SSW + 20,000yen

Application for issuance of status of residence certification status system)                      120,000yen

Application for permission to change the status of residence                                                 100,000yen

     Change to management + 50,000yen   Change to SSW + 20,000yen

Application for permission to renew status of residence                                                          50,000yen

Preparation of documents for short-term invitation                                                                  35,000yen

Urgent request if the status of residence is less than 2 weeks before the expiration date             +20,000yen


Naturalization Application  (For business owners + 20,000yen  For each family member living together+ 35,000yen           130,000yen                                                                            

※Multiple person discountRepeater discounts are available. Please contact us. 


Japanese spouse Permanent residents spouse VISA customers, please contact us for inquiries regarding changes in status of residence when divorced.

Immediately consider changing to WORKING VISA or a PERMANENT VISA if you have a minor child.

Even if you do not have a children, you may be able to change your status of residence to a permanent resident. 

Also, remember to notify the IMMIGRATION BUREAU when you divorce your spouse.

within 14 days from the date of divorce) 

Notifications are accepted via the internet, window and mail. 

If you have trouble, please contact us.  (10,000 yen)


In this case, if you are wondering, can I call / invite / request someone to go here in Japan

Can I change to this status of residence

Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you.


I only have one request.

Please do not lie when applying for status of residence

(Because you will be exposed to the Immigration Bureau)

If you have any concerns when applying, we will help you write a "REASON" so let's apply Honestly.


We sincerely support foreigners living in Japan.   Thank you for coming to Japan.